Children Ministries at VNM include the Christian Preschool and Elementary School, Sponsorship Program LIFT, and the Children’s Home.  Yet children are at the heart of everything that happens at VNM— from medical assistance to clothing and shoe distribution events.    More details...

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Children Ministries

VNM has teamed up with FAME to build a medical clinic on VNM grounds. It is a 7,000 square feet facility that will greatly benefit the poor in need of medical attention.    More details...

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Our facilities have been built by groups of American friends coming down to serve. A guest house for visiting groups can accommodate up to 40 persons.    More details...

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In its quest to have a Christian church in every state of Mexico and bring people to Christ, VNM equipped and sent two leaders and their families to Tepic, Nayarit and Acapulco, Guerrero.    More details...

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February 2015 “Gracias” Update

Vida Nueva-Ministries will celebrate 26 years Of service in Mexico this month, on February 6th to be exact.  2014 ended here in Piedras Negras with unusually bitter cold and rain! In a unique blessing, a group of young people and some adults came to be with us during end of year and New Year celebrations! Thank you Brownstown Christian Church for sacrificing your time and resources to be with us, we know it was unusually rough for you and that made the trip down to help us even more meaningful to us, God bless you!


This year, our annual VNM Board meeting was held in beautiful Cancun. Most members attended and our sessions were quite productive with a special visit to our newest church plant in that beautiful area. We praise God for the dedication of Israel and Julia Camara. Norma and me remained in Cancun for an additional 2 weeks.  Every January Pastor Robin Hart of Northside Christian Church from Wadsworth, Ohio leads a group there to help build the church facilities, the very next week comes the Parkview Christian Church, Orland Park, IL, this year led by Michael Jensen.


The work these folks accomplish is beyond comprehension. This year, the projects included foundation for a new wall, setting blocks for 2 second floor classrooms, connection of the sewer lines to the street system, the removal of a storage shed and a bathroom, moving hundreds of cinder blocks around, and mixing tons and tons of concrete for pillars and foundations.  The Ohio group left enough money to buy most of the steel and metal roofing materials for what will be the sanctuary. They also brought Bibles in Spanish, praise the Lord!

The Parkview CC team brought lots of donations to give to the children of this community. Items included tennis shoes, school supplies, backpacks, t-shirts, etc. The afternoon VBS they organize is attended by lots of kids, most continue in church. I had the privilege of sharing the Word 2 Wednesdays and a Sunday.

Motorcycles for Christ, a new organization that donates motorcycles to needy missionaries and evangelists around the world, donated its first motorcycle to Israel our church planter in Cancun! A sharp Honda 125 complete with cargo box and two helmets. Thank you Michael Jensen!

After spending 19 days in Cancun, Norma and me returned tired but happy for all that was accomplished during our stay there. Need: Building at least 2 new classrooms for our Christian schools before August this year, how can you help?


Thank you! God bless you all!

Jair Castillo

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