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Breaking The Cycle of Poverty and Disadvantage Through Christ

We exist to assist the people of Mexico in developing and cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus and operate practical programs that help build a relationship bridge with people so that the love of Christ can be shared and His salvation received. The programs and methods we use will change as conditions change, but the message of salvation and hope found in Jesus Christ will never change.
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Vida Nueva Staff

Breaking The Cycle of Poverty and Disadvantage Through Christ

Jair and Norma Castillo
Jair and Norma Castillo

Senior Field Directors

Jair and Norma came to work at Ejido Piedras Negras In 1976 and have been here since.

    Elí and Mandy García
    Elí and Mandy García

    Field Directors

    Eli and Mandy have been obedient to God’s calling to come back to their home town of Piedras Negras where they were both born.

      Gonzalo García
      Gonzalo García

      Missionary/Church Planter/Pastor in Tepic

      Gonzalo has been a Christ follower since 17 years of age. He and his wife Juanita Correa Luna have three children.

        Sergio Ontiveros
        Sergio Ontiveros

        Missionary/Church Planter/Pastor in Acapulco

        Sergio Ontiveros is a native of Coahuila. He graduated from Colegio Bíblico in Eagle Pass Tx on 1996.

          Israel Camara
          Israel Camara

          Missionary/Pastor in Cancún

          Israel is native to the Quintana Roo area with his wife Julia and their three children are all committed to the mission of breaking the cycle of poverty through Christ.

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