Mission Trips

Be part of breaking the cycle. Our facilities have been built by groups of American friends coming down to serve. Come visit or do a Leadership Residency with the VNM Team! more info at info@vnmi.org

Piedras Negras

This is where it all started in 1989.
From open meal programs, Medical Clinics, Children’s Home, Day Care Program and many other programs we now focus on two things; Christ centered education through our government accredited Pre-k through Middle School and Church leadership development.
The church in Piedras Negras works hand in hand with the ministry as Jair Castillo continues to pastor the church here.


The church in Tepic was planted in 1994 and has catalyzed a Bible Institute to train and equip church planters.
Two new locations have been planted in the Tepic Area.
There is still plenty of work to be done. We are planning on building an auditorium as the church grows year after year.


Planted in 2000, the Acapulco church has been passionate on helping people find their way back to God.
They’ve been adding space to their building and continue to grow both spiritually and in numbers.
There is a great opportunity to serve as they continue to build out the church.


This church was a struggling church that was “Adopted” by VNM in 2012. Since then We’ve build out the church building and people now have a place to worship and encounter God.
The church has an open meal program that serves over 45 children weekly with a home-made meal and a bible lesson.
There are construction projects planned to help the open meal program.

Mission Trips

There are Mission Trips available to any of these locations.
We’d love for you to visit and experience first hand what God is doing at any of our locations. Come for a visit. You won’t regret it!